Founding Families-The Ryers

The Ryer Family
Jonathan, Debbie, Hope (14) and Zach (12)

Our journey with CF began in January 2002. Zach, 4 weeks old at the time, was hospitalized at Children's Hospital with RSV, a respiratory virus, for 6 weeks requiring intubation, oxygen, and 2 weeks in pulmonary ICU.  During this time, we had spoken to a couple nurses about some issues Hope was having at 2 years old and were told she should be tested for CF. Hope and Zach were both diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in January 2002.

Hope and Zach are now in 9th and 7th grades and doing great. We have home-schooled them since 1st grade when we learned that even something as simple as a cold can put them in the hospital. Hospitalizations require two weeks in the hospital on several IV antibiotics and chest PT up to 4 times a day. Many times, these medicines will rupture their veins, so they have both had their share of PIC lines.

When they are well, they each take over 35 pills a day just to stay healthy and do chest PT twice a day for 30 minutes each time. They also do several breathing treatments every day to help their lungs stay healthy.  These include putting salt back in their airways, thinning of the mucus in the airways, and antibiotics.

Hope is 14 years old and loves horseback riding and gymnastics. She had her first gymnastics competition last month. She has run on our track team for the past 4 years.

Zach is 12 years old and loves running track, playing the drums at our church, and hopes to take up karate one day soon.

They have both participated in our Blow Away 5K run for the past 4 years!
Our goal is to help raise money to help find a cure for CF!
Thank you for your support!